1. To promote Information collaborations and Constructive communication between NGOs, to develop an effective partnership with each other.
  2. Networking for the access, sharing, and dissemination of information collaboration and partnerships between NGOs themselves and with other organizations.
  3. Electronic Networking to strengthen community organizations by boosting its knowledge base and its ability to share information and experiences with strategic allies and other partners in the relevant field.
  4. Capacity building of grassroots level NGOs, social workers through free online resources and information on a single platform.
  5.  To serve non-profit organizations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.
  6. Sharing of ideas among NGOs and development agents.
  7.  Avail free, easy and instant access to information to NGO.
  8.  Help NGOs in their fund-raising efforts.
  9.  Provide more options for Funding Agencies to select the right choice of NGO to support and work with.
  10.  Provide information regarding NGO Registration and NGO Consultancy.
  11.  Provide Volunteers to NGOs and collaborate between NGOs and Volunteers.